Credit advantage

According to the actual situation of customers, to give credit support 50,000 -100 million

Authorization advantage

According to the franchisee's credibility, given the amount of credit 10-100 million, the amount of credit is divided into 12 months average use

Marketing rebate advantage

To complete the contract task of joining partners, to give high annual rebate

Product innovation advantages

Professional R & D team dozens of people, insist on innovation, annual investment in new projects for new research and development, in a timely manner to provide customers with unique selling, high profit margins of new products, so that the majority of partners to win at the starting line, leading and leading industry development

Product quality advantage

Pay attention to the details of each product, and strive to establish a safe choice of consumers brand. Health, environmental protection, low carbon, comfortable, safe, durable, easy to use, rest assured that the highest commitment to the pursuit of success. So that consumers trust, so that consumers at ease, so that consumers moved

Market protection advantages

The majority of customers to carry out strict market protection and cooperation, the product quotation to implement strict confidentiality system, to put an end to the same area within the chunky or bucket price and other issues to ensure that your benefits to maximize

Advantages of after-sales service

The company has a perfect after-sales service system, a professional service staff to answer the national free after-sales service line 400-003-8130, specifically for the national agents solve problems A group of senior engineers to join